NO PASA NADA are Leon Joshua and Guido Lennard, 

a singer/songwriter duo from Holland. 

Musically, NO PASA NADA leans on their long lasting fascination for the singer/songwriter genre, nevertheless swooning towards folk and pop music all the same.

No Pasa Nada started out as a side-project for musicians and long time friends Leon Joshua and Guido Lennard, who had been playing in indie rock bands together in the years prior. 

When it was time to grow into something more tangible, the duo decided to record their debut EP called 'Looking For Places'. The EP features a collection of personal songs about the journey of self-discovery.


No Pasa Nada's sound can be described as a mixture of The Civil Wars, Jeff Martin and Paul Simon.


‚ÄčOn stage, No Pasa Nada makes for an intense listening experience with an eclectic array of songs that range from a pin-drop-atmosphere up to energetic songs with spiraling layers of melancholy.

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